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Doing it Right

Over the years we have heard of many ways to try to redo a wood home or siding or log and it seems after many tries it is always the same result in a few years, not no more we can show you how doing it right and maintaning it properly can make the life of your hope out live your expectations.


Many many homes of wood structure have been built and not properly finished and this can leave us not happy with our home or it may look unfinished. One of the main reason for this is the wood it self and the proper preparation need. For example: Peeled logs, milled logs or wood siding all seem to have the same result and the biggest reason for this is what we call milling or in layman terms water or a pitch liquid which comes to the surface on mill and peeled wood.  In most homes this has never been removed and when applying your protective coating the bond with the wood is not there, actually causing the finish to blacken, peel, discolor or even rot.  Some have tried washing with Javex, other mixture to remove the finish only to find that it comes back.


Other have taken months to scape and try to get corners stripped with limited success.  Big chemical companies promote cleaners to solve this problem, only for customers to find out in the end it does not work. At ALH solutions we know what it takes and we have years of experience and countless customer satisfaction with our process. Increasing the life cycle of your finish and the work it takes to maintain your home. What could take month can be done in days, and knowing it works leaves you with peace of mind. So why stress about it when you can just call us and we will be more than happy to visit with you and see if we can help you to get the job done and done right.. Get in touch for a Free Estimate!